Using ePortfolios for Assessment

Here at Pathbrite, we’re huge advocates for assessment via ePortfolios. This great video featuring Amy Burvall from LeJardin Academy and Elizabeth Garrison from St. Anthony School discusses how they’ve implemented ePortfolios into their own classrooms for student assessment. Great topics are brought up throughout this video including the importance of personal branding and learning about digital citizenship. In today’s tech-centered world, students are given ample opportunities to capture their experiences, and ePortfolios offer them a unique platform in which they can both showcase and be informative.

ePortfolios also give students the power of their own narrative, so to speak. They can curate and share; a skill vital to learning to become a contributor to society. Assessment with ePortfolios bring about the unique situation where the value is placed more heavily on the curation and experiences instead of the actual content, which creates a pathway that encourages creativity. Another great quality that is inherent within the ePortfolio process is reflection, which offers control of content to the students themselves. Watch the video here yourself, for more great information on implementing a ePortfolio based structure of assessment.



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