Helpful Tips: Chapter 2

We hope you had a great holiday break!  As you get back into the swing of things, and begin to wind down for the year, we wanted to share some ideas that may assist you in the implementation of our new Pathbrite Portfolios for Educators offering in the new year.

In our previous note, we mentioned the book Documenting Learning with ePortfolios, which we’ve used to help inform the development of Pathbrite Portfolios for Educators. In it, the authors refer to a creative problem-solving methodology called “learning by doing,” which has influenced the interdisciplinary approach of learning called “design thinking” – an idea that is promoted by the Stanford

The authors explain that “there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to engage in this process – rather, designers (in this case, faculty instructors creating ePortfolio learning experiences) can approach their project from any of the mindsets with the goal of keeping the perspective of others in view.” These mindsets are set forth in a terrific “d.mindsets” graphic developed by the folks. See above.

With the launch of Pathbrite for Educators, it will become easier for you to keep the perspective of your students in mind and provide clarity about objectives and goals. It’s not too early to begin thinking about how you might approach implementing portfolio usage in your classrooms come January, and we hope this is a helpful framework toward that end.

We look forward to hearing your feedback as you roll out Pathbrite for Educators beginning January 8, 2013. We plan on sharing best practices for successful implementations as we assemble your insights.

One thought on “Helpful Tips: Chapter 2

  1. Iswah

    During my formal ediuotcan, I had to read a lot of books on methods and classroom management. This text praticals covers all important topics and sums up the really important aspects of many concepts. Topics are discipline, preparing for the school year, working with parents, lesson planning, community of learners, motivation and challenging students. I am presently rereading this book in order to prepare for my job in the fall. It’s a keeper!


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