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Pathbrite Portfolios: Improve Learning and Job Placement Outcomes

Instructors, administrators and career readiness counselors use Pathbrite to better evaluate and prepare students for a life beyond school.

Pathbrite Web Portfolios deliver:

  • A next-generation way for students to capture authentic evidence of their studies, learning and achievements, including:
    • Audio and video files that play in situ
    • Google Docs, MS Office docs, and PDFs that can be reviewed and read also in situ
    • Photos from any hard drive or Web repository such as Flickr, Facebook or Picasa
    • Web links to personal Websites, blogs or Tumblr sites
    • Résumés and curricula vitæ
    • LinkedIn recommendations
    • Digital versions of credentials, academic records, diplomas and even Khan Academy badges
  • A presentation and showcase tool that includes beautiful pre-formatted templates and organizing categories.
  • Web-ready portfolios with permanent URLs that display perfectly in any Web browser, tablet or smart phone.
  • Insight into the effectiveness of curricula based on demonstrated student comprehension.
  • A gallery of student- and / or instructor-created projects that can be used in the accreditation process.
  • Data dashboards, which, over time, will become an invaluable knowledge graph that maps the collective connections of student learning.

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