Pathbrite was founded to do no less than revolutionize the way people learn, teach and grow.

It’s our founding mission and abiding passion, and we bring that focus to our work every day. If you're passionate about the same things, let's hang out.  Start making your Pathbrite portfolios today.


About Us

Pathbrite offers the best-in-class, cloud-based Portfolio Platform in the market, whereby users can aggregate and showcase all digital evidence of what they have created, achieved and mastered. Our portfolio platform transforms individual and community assessment to make understanding the skills, achievements and knowledge of a person, or group, holistic, continuous and easy. Thousands of higher ed and k-12 schools, as well as companies, rely on Pathbrite to support student and employee success.

About the People

Meet the Pathbrite Team

  • Heather Hiles
  • Joel Eckroth
  • Anton Popov
  • David Hodnett
  • Roman Marshevskyy
  • Marina Shapiro
  • Dima Tepalenko
  • Valeriy Gello

    Pathbrite Partners

    Pathbrite's Partnership Program ensures that our technology seamlessly integrates with the leading education technologies and services. We're proud to be in partnership with the following leading companies:

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    If you haven't taken a look at Pathbrite, you need to.
    Pathbrite is a digital portfolio site that is the slickest and easiest of its kind.
    Christopher Dawson for ZDNet Education