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Get Off the Short List and Land that Job

Get Off the Short List and Land that Job

What story does your résumé tell?

There is a lot of advice out there about writing a résumé. It’s a topic that everybody seems to have an opinion about. In fact, if you search “rules for writing an effective résumé,” you’ll receive over 46 million results, most of them claiming that by following their strategy, you will almost certainly get hired.

For instance, Expert #1 will tell you that you have to have an Objective Statement if you want to knock the socks off of prospective employers, but Expert #2 says it’s an outdated concept and will only take up precious space. Expert #3 thinks you should replace your Objective with a Summary Statement, and Expert #4 thinks all of this is codswallop and you don’t need either.

Thankfully, there were some rules that the experts could agree on; a seemingly standardized set of tips and tricks meant to elevate your résumé to the coveted status of “hire-able”:

  1. Tweak your formatting to make it easy to skim.
  2. Use powerful words such as Organized, Developed, Communicated, Resolved, Managed, etc…
  3. Customize your résumé to the job you’re applying to.
  4. Keep it to one page.

Are you bored yet? I certainly am.



When you face the facts, résumés are boring. Nobody likes reading them, to the point where most recruiters only spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual résumé. They’re two-dimensional collections of facts; one-page documents that are meant to communicate the story of your professional experience via bulleted lists, strategic header placement, and the selective use of boldface type.

No matter how extraordinary you are, this is an incredibly dull means of telling a story.

A recruiter or a hiring manager isn’t reading your résumé to see if you’re qualified for the job, they’re scanning it for anything that’ll take you out of the running. Your résumé is there to disqualify you.


Résumés simply aren’t built to tell your full story. Unfortunately, ever since Leonardo Da Vinci crafted the first résumé 1482, it has become the primary document used in acquiring employment, because it’s a perfect tool for thinning the herd. A recruiter or a hiring manager isn’t reading your résumé to see if you’re qualified for the job, they’re scanning it for anything that’ll take you out of the running. Your résumé is there to disqualify you. This is why so much résumé-writing advice focuses on seemingly trivial aspects like font choice, formatting tweaks, and use of industry jargon, because these are the details that will send your résumé either to the trash, or to the hands of a decision-maker.

You need a résumé to get your foot in the door, but once you’ve made it to the short list and your shoe is firmly wedged in there, you’re still faced with the problem of differentiating yourself from the other candidates. While your résumé didn’t disqualify you, it’s probably not dissimilar from your competition’s, and if you all read the same advice, then that hiring manager is probably swimming in industry jargon and boldface type. What hiring managers really want is just an easy way to determine who will be the best fit for the position, so make their lives easier: give them actual evidence of what you can do by supplementing your résumé with a digital portfolio.


Check out the Pathbrite Gallery of Example Portfolios!



Digital portfolios provide a space where individuals can curate the narrative of their experience for a specific audience. Rather than be limited to the one-page, flat format, individuals can tell the story they want their audience to hear using multimedia artifacts from all areas of their life and actual examples of their professional work: Writers can add links to their blog and past publications; Chefs can display images of their food and recipes they’ve created; Makers can illuminate all stages of a project from inception to completion.

Your résumé may check the box, but your portfolio will tell the story you want them to hear.

Instead of depending on carefully articulated résumé jargon to get their message across, the digital format allows candidates to present proof of their skills and accomplishments using various forms of evidence. This can be especially helpful when candidates have limited work experience, such as somebody attempting to change careers or an individual who recently graduated from school, because they are able to clearly demonstrate practical and transferable skills that might not stand out on their résumé otherwise. Additionally, a digital portfolio does a much better job of revealing your personality than a résumé, so prospective employers who view your portfolio can get a picture of your values and passions, enabling them to better determine if you’d be a good fit for their company culture.

Supplementing your resume with a digital portfolio is the easiest, most effective way to not only check all the required boxes in your job search, but to also differentiate yourself and stand out. Don’t depend on résumé buzzwords and formatting tricks to get the attention of prospective employers. Your résumé may check the box, but your portfolio will tell the story you want them to hear.


Getting started with Pathbrite is easy and free. 

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Portfolio Spotlight: Neil MacKenzie

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 2.32.07 PM

Meet Neil MacKenzie, he's the Director of Marketing for Stanley Furniture, with over ten years of experience of marketing experience. For the last three years he's been working as the Director of Marketing for Stanley Furniture Company focusing on the Young America brand. Neil is passionate about his family, which includes his two-year-old daughter who keeps him on his toes, about seeing big ideas get fully implemented, and  golfing. Neil read about Pathbrite in an article by  Mashable, and it had him thinking about his own evidence of his achievements. He had always kept samples from his past projects/milestones, but never had any way of presenting them in a consistent and easy format. Neil found Pathbrite to be the perfect tool that allowed him to not only capture the essence of his work and experience, but also allow him to tell the story of his own personal journey. So far Neil has received great response from friends and colleagues, and he's hoping that his new portfolio will open up more opportunities in the future for collaboration and networking in the future. Great looking portfolio Neil, we're excited to see what you do next!

Portfolio Spotlight: Marco Castelvecchio & Kelda Reimers

This week we're spotlighting two more new portfolios that are great examples of how to utilize your own portfolio. It comes across clear when people are passionate about what they do, or the hobby they choose to participate in.  Pathbrite Portfolios are one of the great mediums any individual could use, and when done right, can portray how passionate a person is about a certain subject. From the way the images and artifacts are carefully curated, to the organizing of the categories, Pathbrite is the simple tool that lets who you are be the main focus. Meet Kelda Reimers, a student at San Francisco State University studying to become a registered dietitian. She's built her portfolio as part of a class taught by Professor Olivia Ho, MS, RS, in hopes of preparing herself to be competitive and marketable as she gains volunteer experience, internships, and ultimately her dream jobs! Kelda has found Pathbrite portfolios to offer the most attractive and engaging platform, while also offering a simple usability. Kelda feels that her portfolios allows her to represent herself entirely, and that the beauty of Pathbrite is that her portfolio can easily grow and change as her experience does. Well said Kelda, we look forward to seeing what you accomplish and how you grow!


Our second spotlight this week is on Marco Castelvecchio, an amateur photographer who is passionate about film photography. Marco is well aware of his existence in a digital world, and knows that he must show his film photography in a digital way. He's found Pathbrite portfolios to be the best tool to showcase his work because of the flexibility, simplicity, and good design. Pathbrite has given him an extremely simple way to put photos together with additional content and catalog them in an organized manner. Marco can now share his work easier, allowing people to enjoy his photos, which is all he could ask for. You are a very talented photographer Marco, keep up the good work! We're very excited to what you add next!

Portfolio Spotlight: Donovan Twaddle & Evan Bethea

It's that time again, time to spotlight two outstanding examples of great ways to build personal Pathbrite portfolios. This week we've got two more exciting individuals to tell you about and share how they've used their portfolios. Our first spotlight is on Donovan Twaddle, he's currently the Co-Founder, Community Manager, CCO, and Content Manager at 365 Twin Cities. Talk about a jack of all trades! Donovan shared with us that he loves social media, but is truly passionate about creating and designing. Pathbrite Portfolios have given him a place to present and customize his array of skills online in one cohesive place where he can point prospective employers to view his work.

Donovan has been really successful in the social media space, having built a community of over 50,000 members on Facebook within 30 days, but he needed somewhere to showcase his other versatile skills and passion for graphic design. He's found that Pathbrite has been an easy solution to his problem that takes the hassle out of building and maintaining a personal website. With Donovan's entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude we don't doubt he'll be able to be as successful in design and more creative roles as he is in business and social media fronts. Good luck Donovan, we can't wait to see what you will accomplish!


Meet Evan Bethea, he is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte who is passionate about cross cutting and emerging and innovative technologies. He's currently a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Blue Flame Agency in New York where his role has included such projects as the relaunch. His passion is fueled by creating digital marketing that transcends across all platforms and really helps brands connect with their core target audience.

Evan found the Pathbrite platform very simple to use, and more importantly easier to maintain and update over time. He's enjoyed the simple and sleek look of Pathbrite portfolios, and how they have allowed him to describe his roles and responsibilities in a visual way. Pathbrite portfolios have helped Evan position himself as an established professional in the digital space across all his social networks, and we're so excited where that will take you Evan!

Portfolio Spotlight: Becca Glass & Erica Wright

We've been so impressed with the portfolios that users have been making, and we're finding that more and more individuals are submitting their portfolios to companies even without being prompted to. It's all about standing out and telling evaluators who you are. This week we have two more great examples of how Pathbrite Portfolios allow you to illustrate your own story. Our first spotlight is on Becca Glass's portfolio. She's a recent graduate from Bryn Mawr College, where she majored in Political Science and International Studies. Becca has been checking out her options.  She's considered pursuing higher education but also a number of possible job opportunities. Becca has found Pathbrite Portfolios useful when submitting applications to start ups and non profit companies, and also enjoys that the portfolio organizes her passions and skills in a dynamic way that is much more useful to her than a resume or a cover letter. We're excited to see where your portfolio will take you from here Becca!

Meet Erica Wright, a self proclaimed: writer, editor, social media expert, and communications guru that recently received her Masters in PR and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University . She's recently found that more and more employers are asking for online portfolios, so Wright went searching and found Pathbrite Portfolios. Wright has been job searching in preparation for a relocation to Texas, and portfolios have been a tool that can really show employers a more three-dimensional idea of who she is without physically being there. Erica has been submitting her Pathbrite Portfolio link with job applications even if they ask for them or not.  Talk about taking initiative! Good luck with the relocation and job hunt Erica, we don't think you'll have too much trouble!

Portfolio Spotlight: Julie Delello & Benjamin Graf

It's time for another Pathbrite Portfolio spotlight!  Whether you're teaching students how to start collecting and owning their achievements, or you're a student taking the initiative to prepare for the job interviewing process, Pathbrite has got you covered! Our first spotlight portfolio this week belongs to Dr. Julie Delello, an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Tyler. Julie actually utilizes Pathbrite Portfolios in the classroom, and her portfolio actually stands as a great example for her students. In the past her students were using hard copy portfolios. Now, Julie's students can now digitally collect their data, which has proven to be a more efficient way of tracking their progress. Julie will be introducing Pathbrite to her students this Fall and will help them curate their own work and incorporate the functionality of the portfolio into the curriculum. Keep up the great work Julie, we can't wait to see the portfolios your students pull together!

Our second spotlight portfolio is from Benjamin Graf's. He's currently a student at the College of Charleston, where he's majoring in International Business with a minor in Spanish. In addition to his current education Ben also holds a Bachelor of Management from Lile Catholic University in France. Ben has found Pathbrite really useful when it comes to showcasing all of his accomplishments and passions. He shared with us that he's intending to utilize his portfolio during his job search when he graduates in May of 2013, hoping that it will add a more in depth profile of who he is to employers. Well Ben, it looks like you're off to a great start. Your Pathbrite Portfolio definitely gets across how well rounded you are and we're definitely excited to see what job you land after college. Good luck!

Portfolio Spotlight: Megan Eilers

Our users have been sharing their portfolios with teachers, employers and even their own personal social media networks from the very first day we launched the publish feature.  We've been amazed by the diversity of the portfolios being created: Students, Doctors, HR Associates, Marketers, Professors and even a former US Ambassador!  So, it's with great pleasure I introduce you to the first of many Portfolio Spotlight's that we hope help you find inspiration and insight into the amazing ways you can use your Pathbrite portfolio.

Megan Eilers - Blog

We love Megan's portfolio.  Not only because she's a recent grad who showcases her work history, social media profile and her love for travel and adventure, but because she's all about helping her community learn about cool new stuff.  And yes, that includes Pathbrite!  She blogged about Pathbrite for her friends and colleagues after reading about us in Mashable:

"Now, I am not a graphic designer / artist / video guru, so I always assumed portfolios in the traditional sense were not really necessary for someone with my skill set / career goals.  But then I read this article about Pathbrite.  And wow, were my socks knocked off."

To see more click Megan's name to read her blog post in it's entirety and click the image above to view her portfolio.  We'd like to send a special congratulations to Megan on her new job and look forward to seeing more portfolios in the near future!