Today, Pathbrite officially announced a new agreement to integrate our Education Portfolio Platform with Pearson LearningStudio, which is a personalized learning environment built on the most advanced, scalable and dependable SaaSlearning platform available today.

As you might imagine, we’re pretty thrilled. Pearson is the largest learning company in the world and its online learning platforms serve more than 9 million students each year. Demand for effective, affordable education portfolio solutions that fully leverage contemporary technologies is growing. By combining Pathbrite’s next-generation education portfolios with Pearson’s market-leading online learning platform, we are able to offer a complete, fully integrated solution providing new ways of learning, demonstrating knowledge and evaluating learning outcomes. Pathbrite Portfolios also offer a way to improve career placement rates by enabling students to better showcase their qualifications, experience and academic achievements to recruiters and employers.

We so look forward to our work together!

pearson learningstudio