Once you save your course details, you will be taken directly into the Course Home section. Here you will find the course description, course code, and a list of your teaching team members. You can also edit the course details, view the Upcoming Deadlines for assignments and receive notifications for Late Work.

Edit Course

1. Click the Edit button to add a Course Description and fill out the course details.

  • Edit or change the course name, section number, course description, and a subject
  • Affiliate your course with a school or community (If your school or community isn’t found please contact our Support Team to have it added)
  • Edit or change provide a start and end date for the course
  • Click Save once you’ve filled out the fields

Add a Teacher

1. Inside your Course Home section you may build out a teaching team by clicking on the
Add a Teacher button

Review Assignments and Student Work

Use the Upcoming Deadlines section to view assignment due dates.

1. Click the link for the assignment you wish to view

  • The Student Work section will appear and allow you to grade and / or evaluate student submissions

2. Use the Late Work section to view past due assignments

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