Adding Assignments

Go to Assignments in the Left side menu.

1. Click the Add Assignment button. An assignment window will appear and allow you to build your assignment:

  • Give the assignment a Title and a Description (the description can be a prompt)
  • Attach a Grading Rubric
  • Attach Resource Materials
  • Align Learning Outcomes
  • Grading Style
  • Start and End Date (resubmission date, if allowed)
  • Submission Items

Adding Rubrics

1. You have the option of attaching a rubric by clicking the Attach Rubric button

A modal will appear and allow you to create new or reuse an existing rubric or select a document, PDF or link for reference.

Reusing Existing Rubrics
You can reuse a Rubric that has been created at the Community level (institution, program or department wide) or one that you’ve created yourself

Click the ‘eye’ icon to preview the rubric before attaching it to the assignment.

Creating New Rubrics

  • Add a Rubric title, edit the criteria and ratings, and align outcomes
  • You may also require your students to reflect on their submissions and use the rubric for grading
  • Click Add to my library to add Rubric to your library of Rubrics (you will be able to apply these rubrics to any Portfolio Templates or Assignments in the future
  • Click Done when you have finished

Attaching Resource Files

You can add supplementary files to your assignment to give your students context. E.g. You can attach a document for students to read or a video for students to watch.

1. Click Attach Resources
2. Choose from My Pathbrite Library or pull in files from the internet

2. You may also align learning outcomes with individual assignments by clicking the
Align Learning Outcomes button

  • You can choose to align Community Outcomes or your own, which are stored in My Outcomes
  • To create new outcomes, click the @Create Outcome* button

3. Click Add when finished

Start and Due Dates

1. Select a Start and Due Date for your assignment

Grading Style

Assignments may be graded in the following ways:

  • By Percentage: 0-100% with optional grade weighting
  • By Points: You get to choose how many points are possible
  • As Complete / Incomplete: Assignment is graded as complete or incomplete


A submission is a required artifact or multiple required artifacts for an assignment. Students will be asked to submit one item per submission. You can add work examples to indicate what you’d like your students to submit, or use them for flipped classroom materials (e.g. you might add a video as an example and have students watch it. The submission item might be a reflection or a list of questions on what they watched).

1. Give submissions a title, description and add an example by clicking on Add Work Example

2. Select content to upload from your computer, your Pathbrite library, or from the other available places

*From your Pathbrite library, you can choose to upload individual items or entire portfolios

3. Once you’ve made your selection(s), Click Import

4. You may add more submissions by clicking “Add a Submission”

5. You may also delete an assignment by clicking “Delete Assignment” in the lower right hand side of the window

6. Click “Done” when completed

Reordering Assignments

You may choose to alter the order in which assignments appear.

1. Hover your cursor over the icon just to the left of the assignment’s title

2. Drag and drop assignments into desired order

Previewing Assignments →