The People section allows you to add, remove and search for students and teaching team members in your program. Unlike courses, programs offer some additional options:

Adding People

1. Add individual students, teachers or reviewers by clicking the Add People button.

2. Choose either the Student, Teacher, or Reviewer icon and enter an email address to send them an invitation to join the course

  • Reviewers can view and grade student work, but they are not permitted to make any changes to the settings or contents of a course.

Bulk adding People

1. To add many people all at once, click the Manage Groups & Reviewers button.

2. With the student tab highlighted, click either the Add by Course or the Add by Community button.

3. With the Manage Reviewers tab highlighted, click the Add Reviewers button.

Removing People

1. Select individual students or teachers you’d like to remove by clicking the check box next to their name

2. Click the Remove button and click Yes, Remove

Using Search

1. Search for students and teaching team members by entering their name in the search field and clicking the magnifying glass

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