We made it easy for you to group your Assignments into separate Portfolio Templates. Each Portfolio Template is like a guiding blueprint for a portfolio that students will generate. When students complete the assignments of each template, they populate their own course portfolios at a ratio of one portfolio per template. You may also choose to grade, align outcomes, or attach rubrics to a Portfolio Template, meaning you can give a whole group of assignments an overarching assessment.

By default, each Course starts with one Portfolio template already set up. This way you can start adding assignments right away. But you can easily add more templates by following the instructions ahead:

Adding Portfolio Templates

1. Click the Add Another Template button at the lower right-hand corner of the window and a modal will appear

2. You’ll be given the option to create a new group or reuse an existing template

Creating A New Portfolio Template

1. Select the Create New Group and enter a portfolio template name

2. Click Save when finished

Edit Portfolio Template Details

1. Click the name of the Portfolio
2. Click the settings icon to edit Portfolio Template Details

2. From here you can edit the Portfolio Template name, add a description, and add a cover image

Below, you can adjust advanced assignment group settings, such as whether or not the assignments will be graded and how.

Advanced Portfolio Template Settings enables you to do the following:

  • View existing, replace (by creating new or reusing an existing), or delete Rubrics)
  • Align Learning Outcomes (by selecting from existing or creating new)
  • Choose whether or not the assignment group will be graded
  • Choose a start date and a due date

When done adding or editing Portfolio Template click Save & Close

To save a Portfolio Template to your library for use later, click the Save Portfolio Template as a reusable Template button located beneath the Portfolio Template Description.

Adding Assignments

1. Click the Add Assignment link to the right of the Portfolio Template’s Title

Reusing an Existing Portfolio Template

After choosing to reuse an existing template, a modal will appear loaded with your template library

1. Use the search box to search for a template by name, choose a Community template, or from your saved templates (My Templates)

2. Click the name of the Template you wish to use and you will be prompted to give it a title

Reordering Templates

You may choose to alter the order in which Templates appear.

1. From the Assignments screen, click the title of any template

2. Click the icon and a modal will appear allowing you to change the order of Templates

3. Drag and drop the Templates into the desired order

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