Pathbrite offers four reports. Click the tab corresponding to the type of report you’d like to generate and view.


Insights offer you a high level view of how well the class is performing. Click the ? to get information on what the report means and how to read it. Unlike other reports, these insights can not be exported.

Student Work Reports

The Student Work report is a visual summary of what students within a given scope, has recently uploaded. We strongly recommend filtering the results using the Learning Outcome associated with the assignments you are interested in. You may export a list as a comma-separated-value file.

Student Engagement

The Student Engagement report is a simple spreadsheet showing how active each student is within the course. Pathbrite tracks sessions, artifacts uploaded, comments, shares (or attempts to publish their work) and a “total” for relative comparisons. You may export this report as a comma-separated-value file.


An Assessment is a comma-separated-value formatted spreadsheet that displays all students, assignments and grades within the course. These records are sorted by rubric, by outcome or by rubric relative to the outcome. (This last option is highlighted.)

Program Reports and Institutional Reports

The most significant difference between a course report and reports generated for programs and for institutions, is the applicable scope.

Running a report for a given community does not allow you to quickly “drill down” into specific courses. Likewise, you may not run a report for a program and filter it by the courses that contribute to a program. Instead, please create and apply Institutional Outcomes. For example, if you’d like to filter all English courses within your Humanities department, give each English course a common Learning Outcome.

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