Grading Student Work

The View Student Work tab allows you to view and grade student work. Here, you can assign numerical (point and percentage grades) as well as qualitative feedback in the form of comments.

1. From Assignments, Click the View Student Work tab
2. Click on an assignment and select a student whose work you’d like to see
3. You can click View Now to view the artifact the student submitted.

4. You can click See Portfolio to view the artifact within the student’s portfolio and toggle between:

-artifacts that are part of the assignment
-assignments within this students portfolio
-your roster of students who have completed assignments in their portfolio

Click Back in the upper right corner to return to the View Student Work tab

1. Click the Grade button in the upper right corner
2. Enter in the numerical value of the grade (or complete/incomplete, as applicable) and add optional feedback
3. Click Save when you’re finished

If a Grading Rubric has been attached to the assignment, a window will pop-up allow you to view students reflections (if they’re required and complete)

1. Under the Points column, assign point values to the criterion.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the Rubric window to leave qualitative feedback
3. Click Grade when you’re finished

Students will be able to see all grades and comments when they next log in.

Filtering Students Based on Submissions

You can filter students based on whether or not they have submitted the assignment or if it is graded or ungraded.

1. Clicking on New will show all students whose assignments you have not viewed yet.
2. Clicking on Ungraded will show all ungraded assignments.
3. Clicking on Didn't Submit will show all students who have not yet submitted the assignment.

Viewing Student Portfolios

You can get a live view of a students work-in-progress or completed portfolio.

1. From the View Student Work tab, click an assignment, and the name of a student
2. Click See Portfolio button in the lower right corner

In the upper right corner, you’ll have the ability to other students’ portfolios. Type in the first few letters of their name to find them.

Click Back to Course to return to the View Student Work tab


The Scorecard allows you to see your entire class roster, individual assignment grades, and grades for entire portfolios.

View Your Class Roster

1. Click the Scorecard section in the menu on the left hand side. This will bring you to a view of your class roster and will allow you to drill down into students work

  • All of your students will be listed on the left either by name or by progress
  • Each subsequent column moving to the right will be a separate assignment under the designated Assignment Group

Scoring Student Work

1. You can score student work from this view by clicking on the student name you’d like to grade

2. Click Portfolio Grade to grade the student’s work. If a Rubric is associated with the assignment or portfolio, you can populate ratings which will automatically be averaged into a percentage grade

  • You can grade an entire portfolio overall and individual assignments from this page
  • Select another student to grade once you’ve finished

3. At the bottom of the Scorecard section there are four tabs: New Submissions, Ungraded, Not Submitted, and See Legend

  • Click New Submissions – allows you to view student work that has been turned in
  • Click Ungraded – allows you to view student work that is not yet graded
  • Click Not Submitted – allows you to view students who have not yet submitted work
  • Click See Legend – allows you to learn the key for “Viewed” and “Not Viewed” student work

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