Portfolio Templates are, as the name suggests, a template for the portfolio(s) you’d like your students to build by completing their coursework. The assignments you create go inside of Portfolio Templates. Yo may create as many as you like per template. As students complete their assignments, they populate their course portfolios.

Adding Templates

1. Click the Add New Template button, and a modal will appear

2. You’ll be given the option to create a new template or reuse an existing template

Creating A New Template

1. Select the Create New Template and add a portfolio template name

2. Click Save when finished

Template Details

1.From within the Template, Click the “Gear” icon, to the right of the template name

2. From here you can edit the template name, add a description, select whether the template will be graded, select a grading type

3. You can also edit the start/due date, decide if students may allow public commenting on their portfolio, and select or change a cover photo

4. When done adding or editing Template Details click Done

*To make advanced settings changes, click Advanced Template Settings

Adding Rubrics

1. You have the option of attaching a rubric by clicking the Attach Rubric button

  • A modal will appear and allow you to or reuse an existing rubric or upload a file (such as a .pdf) or link a document

  • Add a Rubric title, edit the criteria and ratings, and align outcomes
  • You may also require your students to reflect on their submissions and use the rubric for grading
  • Click Done when you have finished

Aligning Learning Outcomes

1. You may also align learning outcomes with the template by clicking the
Align Learning Outcomes button

  • You can choose to align with Common Core Standards or your own Outcomes.

3. Click Add when finished

Reusing an Existing Template

After choosing to reuse an existing template, a modal will appear loaded with your template library

1. Select a template by clicking its name

  • Use the search box to search for a template by name

How to Delete Templates

1. From the Template screen, click the “trash can” icon to the right of the Template’s title to delete it

*You will be asked if you are sure you want to remove the template. Click the Yes, remove button

Importing via XML