If you want to add work to your portfolio on-the-go, you can use our integration with Twitter called “TweetBrite”

1. First, make sure your Twitter handle is listed in your profile as one of your contact links:

2. Go into your Twitter account, and follow “MyPathbrite”

3. To upload a item via Twitter, send a direct message with your item to “MyPathbrite”

4. You will receive a confirmation message from “MyPathbrite” and a portfolio will be created in your account called “Twitter Uploads” Each time you tweet an item to “My Pathbrite”, it will add the item to your “Twitter Uploads” portfolio unless you specify a different portfolio.

5. To tweet an item to a specific portfolio, send a direct message to “My Pathbrite” with a “#” and the name of your specified portfolio. For example, #yourportfolionamehere