Within the Community and Course environments, Pathbrite has a few different roles, or user types. Each are explained below:

Community Roles

Member: This is a normal user, a student or teacher

Outcome Analyst: This role only has access to the Reports functionality

Instructional Designer: This role has access to Course Management, Outcomes and Rubrics, Templates, and Showcases

Admin: This role has access to all administrative features

Employer: This role only has access to view a specific communities portfolio discovery section.

Community Curator: This role has the ability to feature specific portfolios within a communities Portfolio Discovery page.

Course/Program Roles

Principal Teacher: This is the teacher who created the course
Teacher: This is a teacher in the course. This principal teacher adds additional teacher(s) to the course
Reviewer: This user only has access to review student submissions within a course or program, but will be unable to make any changes to the course template or overall course settings.
Student: This is a member of the course community. They have access to the course and the portfolio templates and assignments within

How to Add Users

You may add users in one of three ways.

Give Your User a Link

  • You may edit the link by clicking on the pencil icon. Note: this invalidates old links.
  • If your web browser supports it, you can copy it to your clipboard by clicking the Copy link button.

Invite the User to Join Pathbrite

1. Click the +Add Users toward the top of the page. A modal will appear.
2. Click the Create New or Invite Existing User button.

3. A modal will appear and allow you to:

  • Enter the user’s first and last name
  • Enter the user’s username
  • Indicate what role this user will have in the community

4. Once you have inserted the appropriate information click the +Create User button at the bottom of the module

Import Users From a CSV File

1. Click the +Add Users button towards the top of the page.
2. Click the Import Users from a CSV File button.

3. Click the Choose File button.
4. Navigate to, and select the comma separated value (CSV) file on your computer.

5. Click the Import Users button.

How to Remove Users

1. Select the users you would like to remove by clicking the box next to their name

2. Click the Remove button

How to Search Users

1. To quickly find a student, simply type their name into the search bar found near the middle of the screen

2. Click the magnifying glass to see the results

How to Filter Users

1. Click the filter icon, next to the search bar

A modal will appear and allow you to filter by:

  • Roles
  • Communities
  • Courses

How to Change a User’s Role

1. Select the users whose role you’d like to change

2. Click the Change Role button

3. Finally, select the appropriate role from the drop down menu

You have now successfully changed a user’s role.

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